Most USDA facilities in the United States practice stunning on cattle and due to safety reasons, Five Pillars Butchery has been unable to find a local USDA slaughter facility that will slaughter without first stunning.


That being said, the veal product that is currently available from Five Pillars Butchery is still considered Halal based on this fatwa,  this American Halal organization, and this American Halal Certifying Organization.

Some online fatwa, or religious ruling, permit the stunning of the animal as long as it is ritually slaughtered prior to death.  Because more than 40% of animals die after stunning, before they are slaughtered, and because stunning prior to slaughter is not encouraged, Five Pillars Butchery has decided to be transparent in our decision to serve beef and provide all information regarding our products. 

Other side effects of stunning include:

Epinephrine and norepinephrine are two hormones that release in massive amounts when an animal is stunned prior to slaughter.  Both of these hormones increase blood flow to the muscles (which is counterproductive to draining the blood) and increase blood sugar levels, stimulating the "fight-or-flight" response.


This fatwa brings a different understanding of when and why stunning would and would not be permissible, and this is the belief that Five Pillars Butchery is more inline with; however, we understand that many Muslims are not as narrow with their interpretation of Halal and we felt it was important to allow people to make their own choices.

Our promise is to provide 100% Pure Halal and we are working hard to find a way to bring you

100% Pure Halal Veal.


Bone-In Cuts

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