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Maine, a community of acceptance

There has been an overwhelming response of support, concern and solidarity for our family and our business. We are truly touched by everyone's encouragement and we wanted to highlight some of the heartwarming messages that have given us comfort and strength to persevere. We wish we could share them all.

" I heard about the targeting of your sign and wanted to offer any support I could. I’m so sorry that happened to you, and would love to hear if there are ways the larger community can help make sure you are safe and supported." -August

" I am so sorry to read about your sign...we came from away and understand how hard it is to start something in this State...keep at it!!! the end it will be worth it!" -Jeff K.

" Please understand that most Mainers welcome you and despise this ignorant hatred. Be well and be safe. Yours truly." - Susan R.

" Very sorry to hear about your sign. Know that you have support. Peace to you and your family." -David K.

" We want you to know that we support you and your family. My husband and I will be supporting your business. See you soon!" -Carol R.

"So sorry to hear of your experience and hoping you stay strong and keep the faith. Don't let the small percentage of ignorant people pull you down. Wishing you much success with your business." -Gardella R.

" I am so glad you and your family were not hurt! I just wanted to send a quick hello, thank you for making Troy your home, and I hope to meet you at some point." -April T.

There are so many more that filled our hearts and helped to ease the struggle. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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