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Maine, the way life should be

Gifts and cards sent from around Maine

We knew when we moved to Maine that it would be a good place for our family to put down roots. We knew we would find friendly and generous people around every corner, and with confidence we say, Maine is absolutely made up of amazing people who fill our hearts... and hands!!!

Hussam (Sam) took a trip to our mail box the other day and came back with his arms filled with your words and gifts of love and support. It is the community that continually fills us with hope and comfort. It is the community who has really helped us through this difficult situation. It is the community who has re-anchored us to Maine, and for that, we are truly grateful.

We have received some amazing cards and gifts in the mail from individuals, from schools, from businesses and we wanted to share them with you, because it is YOU amazing folks that need to be highlighted.

From the Maranacook High School Civil Rights Team in Readfield, we received these words of welcome:

"No one should be targeted based on race, ancestry or religion. We are glad to have you in our state and we welcome you! We Support You!"

From Cheverus High School of Portland, we're receiving prayers:

"We are glad you are here in Maine and want you to feel safe and welcomed here. Thank you for being part of our Maine community. You are all in our prayers."

From Phil R. a landscape painting artist in Farmingdale, we received both a donation, wise words of advice and a happy welcome:

"So happy you have decided to settle in Maine. You are obviously wonderful people with a wonderful healthy product."

From Mike C. in Brunswick, we received a nice letter in which he shares caring words and stories of encouragement highlighting the kind and helpful nature of the Maine community:

"People here have a reputation for letting people alone... And that's half of what we found when we (moved) here- people let us be. But the other half was a truly generous spirit... that's how people were: they let us be and they helped us out. I hope that how you find the people where you live. That's how people here are supposed to be."

Along with a nice long letter, Mike C. sent us some quality Chinese tea from a Maine owned family business as well as a incredible architectural building blocks for our son, quite accurately nicknamed "noisy blocks".

We are overwhelmed by the support, the welcoming, the generosity and the friendliness we receive on a daily basis; including the waves and honks from passersby, the continued messages and the interest in both our family and our business.

For all this and more, we give you all a very heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!!


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