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Our Story

The idea for Five Pillars Butchery House of Meat started cooking in the summer of 2014 while visiting our family in Maine.  

We were living overseas in a Muslim country where Halal meat was abundant; so when we came to Maine and struggled to find Halal meat that we could trust in purity as well as quality, we knew that starting a HALAL meat business was what we NEEDED to do if we ever moved back to the United States.  

Fast forward to the fall of 2016.  We found ourselves living in Maine and in the same predicament.  Halal meat was hard to come by and even harder to trust.  As a practicing Muslim family it was extremely important to us that we eat only Halal and after a few months of living on fish and kosher hot dogs, we said 'enough is enough!!!'

Today we can confidently say that we are providing the Muslim community and Maine with the highest quality and highest standards of 100% Halal meat.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the highest quality, fresh meat to our customers (markets, Co-op's, restaurants, deli's, CSA's, hospitals, schools, online customers and coming soon, directly from our own farm retail).

As a small Maine business, we are committed to supporting our local economy by partnering with independent, family run, Maine farms.  Animal welfare is of the highest importance, so free-range and pastured animals are the only animals we source.  The meat we serve comes from selected breeds to ensure a full-bodied, consistently fresh and memorable flavor. 

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