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It's all about location!!!

Saying "goodbye" to Troy

We are excited to announce that Five Pillars Butchery has officially moved to a new location in Northport ME!

It was with heavy hearts that we made the decision to move from Troy to Northport in August but we couldn't turn down the opportunities that we've been blessed with here at our new location.

Greater access to pasture, which means the chance to build up our flocks and herds. Existing facilities that would make building the butchery retail and farm store possible. A beautiful farm with gardens abounding and a community that embraces the diversity that our family adds.

491 Beech Hill Rd. Northport, ME

We have begun the first steps in the construction of our butchery and farm store and look forward to the long winter ahead with the chance to put our energy into this exciting project.

We are getting ready for the upcoming breeding season and anticipate around 100 lambs if everything goes according to the Ram's plans.

We can also happily announce that we now have halal beef. The 50 head herd is pastured right here on the farm!

After a long lull with the business, due to uncontrollable circumstances, we are relieved, excited and reinvigorated with all the possibilities that lay ahead.

Stay tuned!!!

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